Big Rock Flutes

Bringing Traditional Flutes to the Modern world

Complete sets are available with bags, utaguchi covers and even instructional books.



Dai ishi Shakuhachi

(Big Rock Flutes)

Is the home of Greg Bartlett, professional Shakuhachi maker.

Shakuhachi and Hochiku are available in all sizes 1.2shaku—2.4shaku.

Chokan are also available in larger sizes.


Often you can find big rock flutes on E-Bay or at craft fairs around the nation.


My sales policy is the same no matter where you find the flutes. I offer an unconditional guarantee of my product. I will help you find a teacher in your area, repair damages and do whatever it takes to help you with your new flute.

To contact us:

Greg Bartlett

380 cr 3178

Eureka Springs AR 72632