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Tai Hei Shakuhachi


This site is a total resource for
Shakuhachi - the traditional Japanese bamboo flute.
From here you can find quality instruments (beginner, student & professional models) along with complete information on the subject including: playing guides, flute craft manuals, books, sheet music, recordings, teachers, schools, organizations, ethnic bamboo flutes around the world and much more. 

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Mujitsu Shakuhachi by Ken Lacosse


Here you'll find shakuhachi flutes made by Ken LaCosse of San Francisco, California. MUJITSU shakuhachi are played by students, teachers and professional musicians throughout the world.






Yung Flutes by Perry Yung

Hand made flutes by Perry Yung. Making three types of flutes, Perry specializes in jinashikan or natural bore flutes with minimal refinement. He produces a beautiful instrument.

Riley Lee is Australiafs only Grand Master of the Shakuhachi

Riley Lee began playing the shakuhachi in 1971. He is the recipient of two of the oldest and most venerated lineages of traditional shakuhachi, which can be traced back to the Zen Buddhist komusô, or "priests of nothingness" of the Edo period in Japan. In 1980, he became the first non-Japanese to attain the rank of dai shihan or Grand Master.

Ki Sui An Shakuhachi Dojo


If you are a shakuhachi fan in new your this is your place to be:

Ronnie Nyogetsu Reishin Seldin is the head of the largest and most active shakuhachi Dojo in the world outside of Japan (Ki Sui An Shakuhachi Dojo).  Nyogetsu has been teaching Shakuhachi full time since 1975.

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