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Bringing Traditional Flutes to the Modern world

This is the Tozan style utaguchi. I usually use the Kinko style but this is available.

About me


Greg Bartlett

380 cr 3178

Eureka Springs AR 72632

My name is Greg Bartlett and I make flutes. That simple statement summarizes a 20 year path that has brought me to this point. I come from a family of artists and craftsmen. I have been painting as long as I remember and am an accomplished artist in the Sumi-e style and oriental watercolor. I have had an interest in playing the shakuhachi since my teenage years. At a craft fair in 1983 I met a flute maker and purchased several of his shakuhachi and other bamboo flutes. He invited me to his workshop to see how they were made and I was hooked. I started out just making flutes for myself and then others who saw my work and were impressed. This led to art shows and craft fairs and then in early 2004 I found an outlet to sell my flutes on the internet. I was surprised as to how many people there were out there in the world at large that are shakuhachi players or enthusiasts. Now my flutes are being played all over the world and by performers of all walks. I have one flute that has been played in the Berlin Philharmonic and my flutes can be heard on recordings and live by numerous artists.


I am working with two other artists on a CD of original music and have a solo CD in the works also.  Since I have moved to the internet I have published a basic book to answer most of the beginning questions that people ask when I get to see them in person.


My workshop is situated in the Arkansas woods by a stream south of Eureka Springs. Here in the mountains I find the perfect atmosphere to pursue my musical art. At night there are crickets and coyotes to accompany your flute playing and during the day there is the wind in the trees and hawks overhead.


I have also started making flutes in the Native American style out of cedar, pine and bamboo. I have found that this style is childfs play after the intricate bore profiling that goes into the traditional shakuhachi. They are a nice change and give me a rest from the intense precision needed for shakuhachi.

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