Big Rock Flutes

Bringing Traditional Flutes to the Modern world

Price: $80.00-$120.00

An inexpensive flute designed for meditative and solo practice. These flutes are tuned to themselves and provide a beautiful instrument for the beginner to experiment with

Basic meditation flute

Price: $150.00-$200.00

A well tuned flute made very basic but capable of professional study.

Bound and coated with tung oil for added protection.

Beginnerfs Flute

Price: $150-$250.00

A hochiku is a flute that is made with nothing added. There is no inlay in the utaguchi, no filler in the bore, no binding unless requested. This is a style of shakuhachi that the martial artist and player Watazumi coined the word for.


Price: $250-$350.00

This flute has a utaguchi inlay sculpted bore and binding and has precision to use for professional lessons

Student Flute

Price: $650.00-1850.00

A fully sculpted bore in root stock. The bore on these is first cast in resin filler and then reworked and refined in the shop to bring out the resonance of every note in all octaves. These are as bright or smoky sounding as you request.

Professional performance flute

Price: $12.95

A basic manual to get the beginner started on their path including history and tradition. It takes the reader from basic position and getting a first note to the beginnings of music notation.

The Shakuhachi Path for Beginners

Shakuhachi I make

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